By Andrew Southworth

First Blog, Welcome, Dreams Don't DIe

Hey everyone! This is going to be my first blog post on my new site, and I wanted to make it about my most recent release that came out a few months ago. First of all, if you don't know me my name is Andrew Southworth and i'm a music creator. I release music under my own name among several other projects, but my own music is where I do everything. Its my own personal musical outlet. I run a YouTube channel teaching music, and I'm also the owner of a music software company called Genera Studios which also functions as my record label and publisher. 

So I said this blog post was going to be about my last release, Dreams Don't DIe. First i'll give you the official press release for the album:

Dreams Don't Die is the 4th studio album by independent electronic/pop artist Andrew Southworth. Musically the album explores a diverse range of sounds, blending organic acoustic textures with synthesizers; and lyrically the album explores personal and complex topics, occasionally controversial in nature. A common theme in Dreams Don't Die is that time is incredibly important, to the extent that it's really the only thing that matters - because of this you should live your life the way you want, and not let anything stand in the way of your dreams.

Dreams Don't Die by Andrew Southworth


Dreams Don't Die was the first album under my own name that I put any kind of marketing push behind. The messages in the songs meant a lot to me, and I spent many months working on the songs. The name of the album refers to the fact that making music is my passion and my dream, and that dream never dies. You never truly fail until you give up, and I never plan on giving up making music. 

Musically the album was very much inspired by artists like San Holo, The Fray, Illenium, and Snow Patrol. You can be the judge if it sounds like any of those artists, but that was what I was vibing to most at the time I was writing it. 

I'm very proud of this release and I hope you check it out. Its been doing quite well on streaming platforms like Spotify to my delight. If you love it, you can purchase a physical CD or Cassette right here on my store. :)